Sonic Frontiers: How to Go Fast – Tips and Tricks for Beginning the Game

Last Updated November 9th, 2022

Sonic’s latest adventure, Sonic Frontiers, is certainly forged from a different mold. This open-world collect-a-thon will have you exploring huge maps and seeking out hidden treasure, more than it will have you going through loops and bouncing off of egg-shaped robots. It might be a bit intimidating for anyone new to the Sonic franchise, but here are a few tips that will make the whole adventure a bit easier to handle.

The most efficient way to find resources

Scattered around the island there are lots of individual pickups. Vault Keys, Purple Coins, Friendship Emblems, Cosmic Gears, each and every one of these gates your progress at some point. You may be tempted to simply look around and pick them up individually, but each has an efficient way to get them fast.

  • Vault Keys – Jumping into Cyberspace is by far the most efficient way to get Vault Keys. Each Cyberspace level has one key for finishing with an S rank time, one for finishing with enough rings, one for finding all red rings (which you can do across multiple play-throughs), and one for simply reaching the goal. Get all of these four keys and you’ll get the fifth key for free. Early game vaults only need two or so keys to unlock them so perfect clearing a few Cyberspace levels will get you all the keys you need.
  • Purple Coins – These are just scattered around the level but, again, if you really need them the most efficient way to get them is to collect falling star bits during meteor showers. Meteor showers signal the game reloading all the enemies and pickups on the map. When this happens you can pick up star bits to play the slots, which can nab you way, WAY more purple coins than simply wandering the map.
  • Friendship Emblems – These are the most frustrating things to seek out because they often gate your story’s progress. While you can find these on the field or by defeating enemies the most efficient way to find them is to find treasure posts. These can give you 10 or so friendship emblems at once simply for doing a Cyloop around them, and they respawn when the meteor shower hits! Remember though, friendship emblems are unique to each island so you can’t travel back to previous islands to farm.
  • Cosmic Gears – These gears unlock the Cyberspace Levels that lead to Vault Keys and, for the most part, you shouldn’t ever have a problem finding them. However, if you do find yourself low, simply defeat some enemies. Enemies almost always drop Cosmic Gears, especially large named ones.
  • Rings – You can get infinite rings simply by doing Cyloops over and over and over again. Hold down boost and draw circles and your rings will fill up to max out of nowhere.
  • Skill Points – Skill Points are dropped by enemies and found in crates, but you can earn them simply for tricking in the air. Find a small loop with a bumper and you can max your skills on the first island, provided you don’t mind the grind.

Combat tips

  • Auto-combo – This is a trap. It costs a whopping 20 skill points to buy and it makes all your attacks take a huge damage hit. While, yes, it lets you automatically use your swanky abilities in battle, this doesn’t do much other than make your combos look flashy. You’ll do more damage simply by mashing your normal attack if you turn auto-combo off.
  • Cyloop Everything – If you don’t know how to hit an enemy, try Cylooping it. This disables most enemy shields and lets you homing attack them freely.
  • Easy Parry – Parry doesn’t need to be timed. In fact, it’s more accurately a block button that automatically counterattacks. Simply hold both shoulder buttons, wait for an attack, and you’ll parry anything that comes your way. You can then counterattack for massive damage. This is absolutely necessary for Titan battles.
  • Every Enemy Has a Weakness – While mashing your basic attack to win is good enough, most enemies will have a weakness that will kill them outright. For example, spring-looking enemies can be killed in one hit with the stomp.

Miscellaneous tips

  • Turn up Sonic’s Speed – This can be done in the options menu before you even start the game. In addition, you can collect Kocos and return them to Elder Koco to increase your max speed. Speed is the name of this game so you might as well invest everything in it.
  • Stop by Hermit Koco – Hermit Koco will upgrade Sonic’s defense and power in exchange for seeds of defense and power that you’ll naturally find as you explore. Defense makes Sonic lose fewer rings when hit. Power makes him do more damage.
  • Don’t increase your max rings – Simply put it powers you down. Rings are Sonic’s HP and while having more max HP seems like a good thing, it pushes you away from Boost Mode. Boost Mode is a special mode that Sonic goes into when his rings are maxed. In this mode, his top speed is unlocked and he has infinite boost. He also does extra damage to enemies. By keeping his max rings low he will enter this mode more often and easily one-shot enemies.
  • Use waypoints – Unfortunately, Sonic Frontiers has a lot in common with some of the worst designed open-world games out there, in that it absolutely litters your map with icons. Luckily the waypoint system is very powerful. Clicking an icon on your map will not only cause a pillar of light to guide your way to it, but it will also guide you to the EXACT location, making it easy to pick up hidden collectibles.
  • Fish – Yes… the fishing mini-game is central to Sonic Frontiers. Basically, it’s a wild card. It lets you exchange fishing points for any resource you want, including rare “egg memos” that tell you of the dark backstory behind the game that you wouldn’t otherwise know.

That’s all the tips we have for you today. Are you having fun with Sonic Frontiers? Let us know in the comments.

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