Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet: 7 Beginner Tips for Starting your Journey

Last Updated November 20th, 2022

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet just dropped, and the Pokemon world is rushing to experience this new adventure. However, things are a bit different this time around as the game is truly open-world. That might seem intimidating and it might cause you to wander around a lot without actually making progress. However, if you are confused or lost, consider these few tips to put you back on the path to becoming a Pokemon master, without being distracted too much by everything the world has to offer.

1. Consider at least going to your first Pokemon Center

When Nintendo said that this game was an open world they meant it. From the point at which you walk out the door of your house, you can go basically wherever you want. The thing is… maybe wait a bit and reel back in the wanderlust. You walk, unfortunately, at a snail’s pace and a lot of the gameplay mechanics are locked until you at least get to your first Pokemon Center. Once you do you’ll open up the game’s shops, network features, and even the ability to craft TMs very early on. Not to mention you’ll have added the first very important fast travel stops to your map.

2. Consider going all the way to school

At the point at which you reach your first Pokemon Center, many of the game’s functions are active… but the game hasn’t really started. There aren’t really quests to complete even though you can catch a sizeable amount of the Pokedex just by wandering around. Heading all the way to school gets you started on the game officially, kicking off the game’s multiple plotlines. It also opens up your box legendary bike lizard for faster travel on the overworld. In addition, the school has several courses in Pokemon knowledge that can help even experienced Pokemon veterans. Be sure not to slack on your studies!

3. How Terastalizing works

The new Terastalizing mechanic is a little weird, so here’s how it works. Every Pokemon has a tera type in addition to their standard types. Players have a Tera orb that can allow their Pokemon to Terastalize, turning into crystal and getting a doofy chandelier on its head. Terastalizing lasts the rest of the battle but you cannot do it again until you rest at a Pokemon center.

What does this do mechanically? Well, defensively it turns your Pokemon into its Tera type. Basically, its original types are completely overwritten. Offensively, however, it keeps its original types, getting the Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) on moves of its initial typing and its Tera type.

Finally, all moves that match the Pokemon’s Tera type gain an additional Tera boost while Terastalized. This boosts STACKS with STAB, making Tera-type moves your most powerful moves in this form.

4. Pick up some weights

The first town, right outside your school, sells weights for a whopping 10,000 Pokedollars, but they are absolutely worth it. Essentially it raises your Pokemon’s Effort Values (those hidden values that increase Pokemon’s stats) in a certain category every time they gain experience at the expense of taking a hit to their speed. This is a magnificent way to make your Pokemon incredibly powerful in a very short amount of time. They are expensive, but honestly consider taking the small nest egg of cash that you start the game with and devoting the whole thing to one of these training weights. You’ll be surprised how easily you take out your opponents after using it for just a few levels.

5. How auto-battling works

Auto-battling should be pretty self-explanatory right? Throw out your Pokemon and it will attack enemies and the battles will resolve themselves. Well, that’s not entirely the case. Auto-battles don’t calculate all your Pokemon’s stats. Rather it’s just their level, and typing and that’s about it. For example, even if your Pokemon is several levels higher than an opponent, making them auto-battle against a foe with a type advantage will result in them losing about half their HP and running back to you.

So in general, just try to send out Pokemon with type advantages in an area you want to auto-battle. It’s a good way to drum up passive experience and even pick up some items along the way since your Pokemon will pick up any item it comes across.

6. Go scavenging

Poke shops have never been less necessary. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are incredibly generous with their items. Items spawn in the overworld all the time, and you’ll even find expensive items like high-quality pokeballs or revives just by walking around. Don’t worry about money much because a decent habit of exploration will provide you with basically all the items you need.

7. League Points are the new dollar

And finally, even if you are having some monetary anxiety, don’t worry because League Points will fill in the gaps for you. League Points are awarded for… well… just doing stuff! Defeating trainers, filling your Pokedex, and completing quests. They are just as good as dollars and can be used to buy or craft items. That being said there’s one good thing about League Points that they have over dollars. They can’t run out! You can always get more League Points simply by selling the materials that you get by fighting random Pokemon. Fight enough and nothing in the shops will be out of your grasp.

… but we know you are just going to spend it all on fancy clothes and a new hairstyle anyway.

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