Elden Ring: The Two Best Weapons Speedrunners are Using

Last Updated March 22nd, 2022

Elden Ring has been out for a while now, which means that the Speedrunning community has started to break it wide open in order to find the most efficient way to absolutely demolish bosses with as little effort as possible.

There are lots of different weapons in Elden Ring but luckily, you can ignore most all of them and instead focus on two that you can find easily within the first ten minutes of starting the game.

These weapons are:

-The Icerind Hatchet

-The Sword of Night and Flame

The Icerind Hatchet

This choppy boi only requires 11 Strength and 16 Dexterity, trivial requirements if, say, you started as a samurai. This makes it the perfect weapon to use regardless of your build since you can meet the requirements so easily.

The power of this weapon comes from its special Ashes of War ability, Hoarfrost Stomp. It only costs 10 FP to use and radiates out a cone of frost on the ground ahead of you. And it does INSANE damage. It will absolutely chew through late-game bosses and all you have to do is spam it. It can take down early game bosses like Margit in a few hits! All you need to do is upgrade the weapon.

And the best part about this weapon, it’s so easy to get! Just go to the temple Quarter in the lake region and head for a tower on the south side of the area. There is a chest just waiting inside the tower with the Icerind Hatchet ready to be picked up. It’s not even guarded! Remember, you can get to the lake region early by skipping Stomveil castle. There is a secret entrance that goes around the castle

The Sword of Night and Flame

This handy dandy cutting implement requires 12 Strength, 12 Dexterity, 24 Intelligence, and 24 Faith. Now, this sounds like this weapon would be restricted to Int and Faith-based builds, but you would be wrong. It doesn’t really require any stats to scale at all.

All of its damage comes from its special ability the Night-and-Flame stance. Activating it puts you into a special move where you get to choose either Night or Flame. Night activates a large Kamehameha style laser beam which can be channeled while Flame does a large sweeping strike around you coated in flames. Both of these attacks do absurd damage for very low FP cost and aren’t overly reliant on your stats, so be sure to upgrade your weapon and invest your Ashes of War right away.

This sword can be found at the lower level of the Main Caria Manor. Follow the path from the lower level entrance, past the grace, and onto a series of castle walkways. At the first fork go to the left, and you’ll see another series of walkways that appears to lead to the dead end. There is a portion of the wall that is crumbled and a rooftop below. The jump might be a little tricky but you can summon your mount to make it a bit easier. Jump to the platform, and then look down to a second roof that has a hole and a ladder in it. Jump down to this roof, drop down the hole, and inside the room is a chest with the Sword of Night and Flame.

The Patch Controversy

Elden Ring recently received a patch that heavily nerfed Arcane Weapons, and no longer allowed another skill, Royal Knight’s Resolve, to buff weapon skills. That being said, current world records of the game, patched or unpatched, still use these two weapons the most. However, alternatives such as the Reduvia Dagger and Blasphemous Blade are being tried in alternative routes. It’s also worth noting that the speedrun community is downpatching their game versions to run the Any % category on the original 1.02 build of the game.