Street Fighter 6 Has All the Mechanics… ALL THE MECHANICS

Last Updated June 6th, 2022

During the Sony State of Play that kicked off the “E3 but not really E3” Summer Game Fest this year, we got our biggest look at the next revolutionary step in fighting games from Capcom, Street Fighter 6… and it is more than anything we could have ever hoped for.

Wanna know what the cool new mechanics are in this brand new Street Fighter iteration?

Yes. The answer is yes.

Capcom took all the mechanics from past Street Fighters and just crammed them into one package. Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter III, Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter V, ALL of them have some sort of representation here, and it is sick.

So let’s go over how the game works shall we? Players have two meters, the super meter, and the drive meter. The super meter works pretty much as you would expect it to. It can be filled up with 1 to 3 bars and you can use it to use level 1 to 3 supers, with level 3 supers being the most damaging. And that’s it. That’s all you can use your super bar for. Simple. Straight to the point.

The other bar, the drive bar, is a six-meter bar that fills gradually over time, and it is your “do cool Street Fighter stuff” meter. What sort of Street Fighter stuff can you do with drive? ANYTHING!

Street Fighter IV’s focus attack? Sure! It costs one bar of drive and armors through as many moves as you like with stunning spray paint effects going along with it.

Street Fighter III’s parries? SURE! Whiff a parry and it costs drive, but succeed and you get a bar back! There are actually two different types of parries, normal parries, and perfect parries. Normal parries work a bit like Melty Blood’s shield mechanic. You hold a parry stance and your drive meter drains over time, but get hit by an attack and you’ll parry it and gain drive bar back. However, parry just as an attack hits, like in Street Fighter III, and the game stops dramatically and you get to counter with a terrifying punish.

Oh yeah, what about EX moves? Those come from the drive bar too! Spend two drive bars and you get to do them, no questions asked.

Then there is the new “Overdrive Rush” which operates a little bit like V-Trigger activation, a little bit like V-Shift, and a little bit like FADC from Street Fighter IV. Basically, you can spend drive meter to freeze the screen for a second (like Melty’s Moon Drive), and then dash toward your opponent. However, you can also cancel into this move from normals or from parries. It only costs one bar to do this technique from parries and three whole drive bars to do it from normals. How do you activate it? All you have to do is dash in the middle of a normal move or parry and it happens automatically.

Finally, for you Street Fighter Alpha fans, Alpha Counters are back. By spending two bars you can attack out of blockstun. It doesn’t do much damage, but it does change the momentum of battle when you are stuck on defense.

In addition, the V-Trigger aspects of Street Fighter V will transfer over with new “charge” techniques. For example, Ryu can now charge his fireball to an electric Denjin fireball that does two hits. He doesn’t have to spend any meter on this. Instead, he just goes through an animation and stocks the charge. Then the next fireball he throws will be a Denjin, no meter expenditure or anything. Every character will have these unique effects thrown into their moveset, and they don’t have to be in a special mode to do it.

And there’s even more that is going to be added. There is a fully open-world single player that won’t only teach you how to play the game, but that appears to allow you to create your own fighter!

There are two different control modes. One is the standard six-button control mode and another allows for auto combos, simple specials, and much much more, letting newbies jump into the game quickly!

There is going to be a deep online mode with more than just lobbies, including online events that will allow you to compete on the big stage.

And speaking of competing on the big stage, the announcers in this game are not just any announcers! They are all known e-sports commentators! Yes, the most well-known commentators in the e-sports community will announce your matches AND will give you tips while you play! It’s an incredible new step in immersing new players in the FGC.

On top of all this, there is the aesthetic! The whole game seems to take place in Metro City and you are participating in underground Mad Gear gang fights. Yes, it’s a Street Fighter where you actually fight on the street! What a concept! This is also bringing back fan-favorite characters from Final Fight, as well as solidifying everything with a hip-hop soundtrack reminiscent of Street Fighter III, and a street art visual aesthetic that turns hit-sparks into blasts of spray paint.

I have never been as excited about Street Fighter as I am for Street Fighter 6. I have often felt that Capcom has been lagging behind in fighting game development, finding both Street Fighter IV and V mediocre at best, and I was HUGELY disappointed at the last teaser we saw for SF6 that gave us next to no info. But Capcom listened. They gave us the info. They gave us characters. They even redesigned their ugly logo into something truly hype.

Capcom has heard our cries and the new age of fighters is upon us…. In about a year. Street Fighter 6 will release in 2023.

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