Rainbow Six Siege: 2019 Invitational Semi Finals Breakdown

Last Updated July 5th, 2021

The results of yesterday’s Rainbow Six Siege Quarter Finals were unexpected. G2 was the only familiar team to emerge victorious, and the other three were all fresh new faces that hadn’t yet seen the snowy vistas of Montreal.

Alongside G2 and Team Reciprocity, Russia’s Team Empire and Japan’s Nora-Rengu surprised everyone by taking the Quarter finals, and they were the first to face off on the second day of the Rainbow Six Siege 2019 Invitational.

It was certainly a different vibe than yesterday, with each team much more focused, and pulling no punches as they battled it out to reach the Grand Finals.

Team Empire vs. Nora-Rengu

The two unexpected victors started off strong, with Nora-Rengu pulling ahead 4-1 on Consolate. Nora-Rengu’s coach continued to entertain the crowd, and the team looked to be having quite a bit of fun as they continued to pull ahead.  

The first map was looking like a smooth victory for Nora-Rengu when they got to 1-5. Empire pushed back, slowly closing the gap, and won several in a row to bring the score up to 4-6. It was a valiant effort, but Nora-Rengu clinched a win on the first map with an expert play.

The next map was Bank, and Empire won the first round. It seemed like they were born to play on Bank, because they were denying any attempt Nora-Rengu made to secure a round, and Team Empire pushed hard to get the score up to a surprising 4-0. Rengu wasn’t giving up though, and started pushing right back. It wasn’t enough however, and Team Empire ended up taking Bank 7-2. You could clearly see the disappointment on the face of the Rengu players, and the coach seemed suddenly far less jolly with defeat so close.

The final map of this newcomer match-up took place on Coastline, and it was a dead heat. Neither could get a distinct advantage, and every play was hard won. The score went back and forth until they hit 2-2, with neither team giving an inch. Team Empire pulled ahead, and it looked like the map was going to them as they played two match points. Rengu fought hard with plenty of crowd support, and the energy in the stadium was electric as Team Empire eked out the final win.

One of the two teams who will be competing in the Grand Final has been chosen, and it’s Team Empire. Not bad for a first year.

G2 vs. Team Reciprocity

Last year’s champions G2 faced off against the fresh new faces of Team Reciprocity in Clubhouse, for the final game of the Semi Finals.

Pengu played expectedly well, but Team Reciprocity wasn’t interested in going down without a fight on the first map. G2 had a solid lead with a score of 5-2, and that lead kept climbing to a match point at 5-2. Sadly, Team Reciprocity couldn’t get out from behind their poor performance, and G2 capitalized effectively.

G2 won Clubhouse easily, with a 7-2 final score, and newcomers Team Reciprocity were clearly getting nervous.  

The next and potentially final map of the Semi Finals was Coastline. Team Reciprocity took the first match, but G2 came back with a brilliant grenade play to tie things up. They pulled ahead again, seeming to find their footing, and never looked back.

Team Reciprocity put up a noble fight, but there was just no standing in the way of the returning champions. The final game of the Semi Finals came up G2, with a final score of 7-2.

Face off

Though it was only two games today, the tension in the arena was palpable.

Seeing all these fresh faces was exactly the excitement injection a lot of e-sports could use, and the fact that we got to see some of the best players from all across the world hold their own was an exciting taste of what’s to come tomorrow. Though it’s not hugely surprising that G2 took the game from newcomers Team Reciprocity, there’s certainly no guarantee that they’ll be able to take down Team Empire on the world stage.

Tomorrow the world champion of Rainbow Six Siege will be crowned, and it will be either Team Empire from Russia, or returning champions, G2. We can’t wait to find out.

Check out the Siege Invitation live stream on Youtube or Twitch.

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