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Gamer Terra is an independent coalition of gamer enthusiasts who have been playing for decades. We are passionate about the industry and the games we play. It is this passion that drives us to share with our audience what we see, hear, and experience. Our content covers a wide assortment of topics from pc gaming hardware reviews, individual game reviews, to how to articles that help you through the difficult parts of a game. We also cover gaming industry news so that you can stay informed about everything.

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Gamer Terra’s mission is to write for ALL gamers and share our knowledge with everyone. We strive to be valuable contributors to the gamer community and we work to ensure that our readers are well informed about the games they love to play. Above all else, we are here to have fun and share ideas those who have the same passion as we do.

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In accordance with search engine policies/quality guidelines (see here), Gamer Terra will AT NO TIME accept requests for paid backlinks, unnatural links, or guest posts. All content on our website is original and natural. If you wish to request backlinks from us, please save your time and ours by NOT doing so. We will not ever approve or allow unnatural links to be a part of our domain’s content. Excessive harassment or any consistent, repeated attempts to persuade us to engaged in such behavior may result in your email or your IP being blocked by our administrators.

If at any time something is directly associated with a paid partnership, the link OR the content will be marked with the appropriate legal notices (see here or here) informing readers of the content’s nature. Additionally, we have added the appropriate source code (see here) to all outbound links acknowledging that this link is “sponsored”, “ugc”, or “nofollow”.

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